Your brand personality: Spring

Colour Psychology - the properties of Spring by Ditto Brand Stylists, Sevenoaks, Kent Did you catch my blog post last week about the power of colour psychology in the branding process? Colour Psychology allows us to introduce a level of objectivity to something which can be as subjective as how to apply colour to a brand identity. It's all about the way in which we instinctively and subconsciously react to certain colours. By understanding how this works, we can use colour to influence the way the clients react to your brand, helping us create something that appeals to your clients at a very base level. If you've ever wondered about how to choose the right colours for your business, this series will give you an insight into how we select the right colour palette for our clients at Ditto.

Let's get started: Let's look at the properties of Spring

Just as spring bulbs and plants burst into life in Spring, Spring personalities are irrepressible. They’re uplifting, effervescent and very creative. Spring businesses are forward-thinking, honest and full of life. They’re fast-paced, energetic and bursting with positivity. They enthuse and inspire everyone around them with their infectious optimism, expressiveness and brilliant communication skills. Spring personalities are excellent multi-taskers and are great with people – their clarity and confidence (along with their love of making things as simple as possible) makes them a pleasure to work with.

Colour Psychology - the properties of Spring by Ditto Brand Stylists, Kent

With all of the positives of a Spring personality, there can be some slightly less desirable traits too; the downside of their exuberance is that they can be slightly chaotic, sometimes struggling to finish what they’ve started and being a tad flaky. I'm sure you'll agree that the energy of the Spring personality far outweighs the niggling negatives, though!

Key characteristics Fun, youthful, energetic, forward-thinking, creative, clarity, inspirational, bright, approachable, excellent communicators, sparkling, bubbly, on trend, contemporary, open, friendly, optimistic, fast paced, bursting with life

Colours Light, bright and clear – from the brightness of spring bulbs to the gentle pastels of spring blossoms

Does this sound like your business? Or maybe you're more of a Summer type? Keep your eyes peeled for my next blog post.

Image credit: all images sourced from my Spring Colours board on Pinterest