Your brand personality: Summer

Colour Psychology - the properties of Summer by Ditto Brand Stylists, Sevenoaks, Kent What did you think about my introduction to the characteristics of a Spring personality? Did it resonate with you? Maybe you're more Summer - let me tell you more.

In contrast to the high energy of Spring, life slows down in Summer. Colours begin to fade slightly, the light takes on a hazy quality and the natural world becomes a bit more delicate.

Colour Psychology - the properties of Summer by Ditto Brand Stylists, brand design Sevenoaks, Kent

Summer personalities are elegant, graceful, reserved and efficient. They’re calmer than their exuberant Spring counterparts; they don’t need to shout to be heard. They’re logical, empathetic, creative and intuitive, and take a huge sense of responsibility in their work – they hate poor quality. Summer personalities tend to be romantic, nurturing, gentle and reassuring.

Summer personalities can sometimes be mistaken as being aloof due to their relaxed and laid back attitude, but they’re often more organised and on the ball (not to mention resilient) than they’re given credit for.

Key characteristics Cool, understated, efficient, graceful, reserved, balance, harmony, romantic, quality, dreamy, impressionable, chic, abstract, misty, nurturing, caring, aspirational

Colours Cool, delicate and clear – from faded lavender and English roses to rich, deep nautical colours.

Image credit: all images sourced from my Summer Colours board on Pinterest