Your brand personality: Autumn

Colour Psychology - the properties of Autumn by Ditto Brand Stylists, brand design Sevenoaks, Kent Second to Spring, Autumn is the season that gets me really excited. If you know me then you'll probably know I'm a horsey girl at heart - and I could never understand why my riding friends get so depressed when Summer fades to Autumn. It may well be the last step before the cold and mud of Winter (if you're the outdoors-y type, you'll understand), but to me it's the most beautiful of all the seasons: there's the smell of the bonfires, the gorgeous mellow light and the incredible colours as the leaves turn. But enough about me - let's see if Autumn resonates with you.

It’s no coincidence that the harvest season is one of great focus and activity. The world gets cooler, the leaves turn from vivid greens to fiery ochre shades, and it’s time to reap all of the energy and growth from the previous seasons from the abundant hedgerows.

Colour Psychology - the properties of Autumn by Ditto Brand Stylists, brand design Sevenoaks, Kent

Autumn businesses are great campaigners; they’re ambitious, focussed, energetic and passionate. They’re grounded, earthy and organic, and are very at home with the outdoors – they tend to be very environmentally aware and have a strong connection with nature. They’re people of integrity (they hate to see anyone getting ripped off), and have a strong sense of heritage and providence. Autumn personalities often take on too much, but they’re hard workers and will stay up around the clock to get things done if that's what it takes.

On the negative side, Autumn personalities can be somewhat of a wild child with a rebellious streak. They can be quite bossy and opinionated, but this is all linked to their fire and passion which makes them fun to work with in my opinion!

Sevenoaks based business, A Gift From Home, is an Autumn personality with their emphasis on nostalgia and taking people back to their roots - you can see their brand identity here. I'm also hoping to unveil another Autumn brand personality in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled!

Key characteristics Passionate, energetic, ambitious, authentic, vintage, abundance, integrity, comfortable, warm, cosy, focussed, campaigners, challengers, hard working, grounded, earthy, organic.

Colours Warm, intense and muted. Harvest colours – bronze, ochre, magenta hues.

Image credit: all images sourced from my Autumn Colours board on Pinterest