Proud to present: Brand styling for The Zed Music Cafe

The Zed Music Cafe Sevenoaks, Kent - brand styling & logo design branding board

Zed Music Cafe Sevenoaks, colour palette, brand design by Ditto Brand Stylists When Sevenoaks based entrepreneur Zoe Ashfield approached Ditto to create her brand identity, we already knew of her and her business plans - if you're local to the Sevenoaks area, you might know of her too. She's bravely taken on a 450 year old listed building in the historic part of town, with the vision to turn it into a unique music cafe and live music venue. The former restaurant needs a fair bit of love (she showed me around on the first day I met - I cannot emphasise quite the scale of the project she's taken on!), but her ideas for it are incredible.

The Zed Music Cafe is to be a music hub - a relaxed cafe where you can grab a bite to eat, which also plays host to open mic nights and boasts tuition rooms, recording studios and practice rooms for musicians to come along and follow their passion.

Zed Music Cafe vision board by Ditto Brand Stylists

The season personality

The Zed Music Cafe is an Autumn personality, with Spring subordinates. Autumn businesses are grounded and authentic – they’re great campaigners, love to do things properly and love to learn. They don’t care for pretence – they’re far more genuine than that. Heritage and providence is very important to Autumn personalities, which fits perfectly with Zoe's values - not to mention the building that the business occupies. On the Spring side, there’s an irrepressible energy and creativity to the business, which breathes life and exuberance into the brand.

The colours

The colour palette is a deep, earthy palette of petrol blue, rust orange, deep violet and copper, with pops of pink and aqua (although you’ll notice that the pink is deep enough to still be gutsy!). These colours balance perfectly, and so do their connotations; blue is trustworthy and knowledgeable, orange is sociable and fun, purple communicates quality and vision, copper adds an extra dimension and depth, pink is nurturing and expressive and aqua is energetic. To inject extra personality, we've given the colours on-brand band names.

The brand board

This design feels like it’s been around forever – in a good way! Really confident and established, it’s got tonnes of character and detail with the banner ‘music cafe’, and ‘established’ element. A gorgeously expressive script is introduced to bring energy to a classic design.

The Zed Music Cafe Sevenoaks, Kent - brand styling & logo design branding board