Are you achingly proud of your brand - or is it all a bit dull?

Illuminate Skin Clinics logo design and brand styling by Ditto Brand Stylists So often when I meet new faces at networking meetings, we'll go to do The Business Card Swap and they'll shyly proffer their business card, wrinkling their face slightly as they mumble something about 'meaning to get around to doing a nice logo', or that 'the cards were just quick, cheap ones because I needed something fast'. The bottom line is that they're embarrassed to be seen out with their brand. And I always think that's a bit sad, don't you?

Done well, your brand should be an incredible asset to your business, and one of your most effective sales tools. It should win big in attracting your dream clients and show your business off in the best possible light. It certainly should never, ever make you cringe.

I'm on a mission to banish the business-card-swap-blues (it might sound made up but it definitely exists). Over the next few posts, I'm going to take you through the fundamentals of what it takes to create a brand that looks amazing, and works hard for you to project exactly the right image and appeal to exactly the right people. There'll be plenty of tips along the way to help you get your brand to a place where you're really proud to show it off. I hope you'll join me!