Powerful Branding: Communicate with flair

Prospect Financial, Sevenoaks Brand Identity Mock Up If you've been following my last few blog posts, you'll be starting to get the idea that a smart logo and carefully selected colour palette are the bare essentials of creating a brand with emotional pull. But of course, once you've invested in having a brand stylist create a beautiful identity for you, you have to turn your attention to rolling it out and making it happen.

I've got a little exercise for you.

First of all, pull out your every day communication essentials:

-Your business card

-Your website

-Your social media profiles

-Your email signature

-Your invoices

How do they look? Are they all sending out the right signals? Never mind that, are they all sending out the same signals? Mark them out of 10 (be honest!) and make notes on where there's room for improvement.

It's all to easy to print up a decent set of business cards, upload your new logo to your social media profiles and call it good. But a truly powerful brand identity goes so much deeper than that. Think about it this way: every single communication is another opportunity to impress - take advantage of it.

We recently gave our terms of business a re-vamp, paying close attention to not only the layout, colours and typography but also the style of the wording. The very next time I sent out a copy, I had a client comment on how she felt that the wording really reflected us as a business, and how impressed she was. This level of attention to detail can absolutely transform something as potentially mundane as a contract to something with a life of its own that reinforces your identity and brand message.

Terms of business, invoices, emails, business cards: how can you change yours to take the opportunity to use your brand voice and show your clients just how great you are?