Unsure whether a rebrand is right for your business? 5 1/2 reasons why you should go for it

Zed Music Cafe, Sevenoaks, Kent branding presentation When I meet a new branding client for the first time, they've often been mulling over the idea of a rebrand for quite some time. Almost all of them come to us because their business has grown and evolved, and outgrown their existing identities - the logo they commissioned five years ago just doesn't reflect where their business is right now - or where they want it to go in the future. Their branding just isn't pulling its weight; they're simply exhausted of having to fight so hard to win each job, and frustrated that a competitor seems to be nabbing all the work while they get overlooked. Sound familiar?


A great brand will have clients excited long before they've even spoken to you, making it miles easier to sell - not to mention easier to charge what you're worth.

Here's 5 (and a half) reasons why you should consider re-branding:

1. A brand styled with care and intent will make your business look irresistable

2. It'll help you attract exactly the right people

3. It'll provide you with focus and clarity - for now and for the future

4. A brilliant brand will make you stand head and shoulders above everyone else, and demand attention

5. It'll make you more confident and help you to sell

5 1/2. It'll help you charge what you're worth. When your branding truly reflects your values and specialties, clients will know exactly why you're great at what you do and will be willing to pay for your expertise. I promise.

If you're tempted to rebrand, or feel that your logo doesn't reflect where your business is at, I'd really love to hear from you.