Proud to present: Brand styling for Tannice

Tannice brand identity vision board Tannice is a truly inspirational, exuberant lady and an absolute pleasure to work with. I'm thrilled to share her brand identity with you!

Tannice is a communication strategist, speaker, trainer and marketer specialising in digital marketing and social media (but with a raft of supporting talents). Her passion lies in working with charities and not for profit organisations, with a special interest in autism. She loves to work with charities who help vulnerable people and really make a difference to those they support, with the aim to connect her clients with what they need through digital marketing, helping them to use their resources to best effect. With such a wonderfully unique name, Tannice has lent her first name to her business.

Tannice brand identity colour palette

The season personality

Tannice is a Spring personality with Autumn subordinates. Spring businesses are forward thinking, communicative, fast paced and bursting with life. They’re expressive, inspirational, approachable and are excellent communicators. They love clarity, and have a knack for simplifying difficult processes for the ease of those around them. On the Autumn side, there’s a sense of morality, ethics and authenticity in her business values which we’d be mad not to communicate. Autumn businesses are ambitious, focussed and passionate. They care deeply about doing a great job, and will keep working until they’re satisfied that the job’s done.

The colour palette

The colour palette is light, bright, clear and warm. It’s range of colours feels uplifting, energetic and positive, but you’ll find that there are elements within the palette that make the business feel sufficiently grown up to impress the charity bosses who will hire her. From optimistic, sunny yellow to a sociable coral, passionate and nurturing red to reassuring aqua tones, this colour palette really reinforces the brand message. Collectively, it feels fun, reassuring and inspirational.

The brand board

Tannice - Brand Board. Brand identity, logo design and brand styling by Ditto Creative, Kent

There’s tonnes of personality to this brand board; from the energetic accent fonts to the hand rendered patterns, a sense of energy really jumps out at you. To toughen the board up, we’ve included a slab serif font, and clean, confident san serifs to ensure there’s a serious edge to the exuberance of the colours and pattern.

The primary logo has been drawn by hand to provide a bold, playful take on the traditional serif font - it's blocky, confident and substantial with distinctive curved edges that softens the design and creates a really interesting shape.

The visualisation

This is the bit where we show off our designs in real life. It's a wonderful opportunity to see how the brand board works in practice, and a chance to really celebrate the branding journey by seeing the new identity in action. Doesn't it all look fab?!

Tannice - Business Cards. Brand identity, logo design and brand styling by Ditto Creative, Kent

Tannice - disk and wallet. Brand identity, logo design and brand styling by Ditto Creative, Kent

Tannice - stationery suite. Brand identity, logo design and brand styling by Ditto Creative, Kent