Proud to Present: Brand styling for Stuart McMahon Garden Design

Stuart McMahon Garden Design colour palette by Ditto Creative I'm really excited to share one of my favourite recent projects with you - logo design and brand styling for Stuart McMahon Garden Design.

Stuart McMahon is an ambitious and talented garden designer, who has just launched his own business having trained at the prestigious Hampton Court. Stuart is already attracting clients in the affluent areas of Chelsea and Farnborough Park, and wanted to capitalise on his early success with a brand identity that cemented him as a talented, design-lead expert. He came to Ditto for a brand identity that attracts clients who value his creativity, design flair and ability to create the show garden look that they covet. Stuart fell for the identity we created for Tree Craft, and really wanted a look that had a similarly confident and established feel.

Stuart McMahon Garden Design vision board brand identity by Ditto Creative, Kent

The season personality

Stuart's business is a Winter personality with Summer subordinates. Winter businesses are high end, confident and ambitious. They are visionary, on-trend and tend to be experts in their field. There’s a sense of opulence and luxury to Winter brands, who love the drama that a statement design provides. Clean, strong lines, bold shapes and plenty of space are key for Winter. On the Summer side, there’s an elegance, creativity and aspirational feel which will appeal to Stuart's clients. Summer personalities are understated, logical and pay attention to every last detail, which fits Stuart's brand perfectly! Summer personalities require elegant styling which fits very well with the drama of Winter.

The colour palette

The colour palette we created for Stuart McMahon is far from that of your average garden designer. Violet Leaf, Echevaria Jade, Chelsea Grey, Nero Oak with accents of Silver Birch provide a confident, contemporary palette. The green and grey are heritage colours – perfect for creating an established feel – while the pop of vivd jade provides a contemporary edge. The silver creates a sense of exclusivity, which we intend to use for accents. How delicious would silver foil business cards be?! This was a brave colour palette which I'm so pleased Stuart had the confidence for.

Stuart McMahon - logo design and brand identity by Ditto Creative Sevenoaks, Kent

The style

Exclusive, polished, carefully styled and slightly hipster describes the style of this brand identity. The brand requires plenty of room to breathe, with the finishing touches creating a truly distinctive identity. Strong lines, confident shapes and bold typography tells the world that Stuart McMahon Garden Design means business.

Stuart McMahon Garden Design logo design and brand identity by Ditto Creative Sevenoaks, Kent - business card design

Stuart McMahon Garden Design, logo design and brand identity by Ditto Creative, Sevenoaks, Kent - T shirt design

Stuart McMahon Garden Design. logo design and brand identity by Ditto Creative, Sevenoaks, Kent - flyer design