How to sell more: The power of endorsement

Daphne Henning endorsement for Hannah Griffin at Ditto Creative, Sevenoaks I attended a fantastic talk on the power of endorsement yesterday, presented by Helena Holrick. What a lady! She had the whole room thinking really hard about how we can harness the emotional stamp of approval that an endorsement provides, and use that to enhance our credibility when talking to new businesses.

She spoke about the difference between a referral ('I know someone who might be abe to help you'), a recommendation ('I know someone who can help you and they're quite good') and an endorsement ('I know that this person can help you, and you must use them because they're incredible at what they do').

Can you see how an endorsement is so much more powerful?

Helena spoke to us about how we should aim to be endorsed as much as possible, and employ those endorsements with pride and confidence whenever we can. With this in mind, I'm delighted that one of my fellow delegates offered this endorsement about working with Ditto:

'Working with Ditto is a delight. Hannah listened carefully to what I told her about my business then reflected it back with extra shine and colour. Her vision for my brand made my heart sing and reminded me why I love doing what I do.'

I have some homework for you. Ask your clients to provide you with an endorsement for the latest piece of work you've completed for them, and find a way to employ it in your marketing literature - could you include it in your social media profile, on your blog or in your portfolio? Think about how much more emotionally engaging it is to use these sorts of heartfelt, genuine words, and how you can pepper your literature with strategically placed endorsements to help win over prospective clients.

Let me know how you get on!