What's stopping you from being sensational?

The energy isn't in the idea, it's in the execution Earlier this year, we hired an inspirational business consultant. She helped us to define our style, pull together our communications and tackle our work in a whole new way. She also held a mirror up to our business and asked us what was stopping us from being exceptional right now. It really made me stop and reflect on what we're doing, where we're heading and how we can change things to be more productive, more profitable and have more fun while we're at it.

It's all to easy, isn't it, to hide behind mountains of paperwork/ a demanding workload/ hectic personal life and cite all of these things as reasons why you can't push harder, think braver, dream bigger. But I don't want compalcency to bite you on the bottom.

Take out your notepad (a proper one, with paper not pixels) and write down five things you'd love to be doing if nothing stood in your way. Think big. Be daring. Once you've put it out there, you'll be suprised at how those dreams that seemed so big in your head seem somehow more achievable.

And if you're feeling brave enough to share what's on your list, I'd love to hear from you....!