'It's a small world among the good people'

874bbe55e42a6801631b1008f4515f33I met with one of our clients earlier this week - a high-flyer in his industry and very well respected for the work he does. As we chatted about business and how things are evolving, he mentioned that he's been working with one of our recent branding clients: another lovely guy who delivers a fantastic service and is a pleasure to work with. We continued our conversation, and the names of even more mutual clients popped up as we discovered that we work with many of the same people. Musing that it was a small world, he came out with this line: 'It's a small world among the good people'

An innocuous enough line, but it really made me think. How true it is that those of us who care passionately about what we do and are committed to working at a consistently high standard tend to attract others with the same view on business.

Conversations like that make me feel very fortunate to be part of such a supportive community of forward-thinking business people. It's pretty wonderful to know that our business community is proving to be quite a force to be reckoned with.

Image credit: sourced from Pinterest