8 Questions your designer should ask before tackling a re-brand

Considering a rebrand? If you're considering a rebrand, it's very likely that your business has experienced a good deal of growth and change, and that your existing identity just doesn't cut it any more. A rebrand is a brilliant way to reposition your business to accelerate growth, reconnect with your brand vision and attract new clients. You need to be 100% confident that your designer understands your vision well enough to make the leap forwards a positive, exciting one - rather than feeling as though you're chucking yourself into the abyss.

It's your designers' job to really extract the brief from you, and garner all the information they need to be able to create a set of stunning visuals that capture the essence of what your business is about. A brilliant design will be the result of a carefully considered and thoroughly discussed brief, so if your designer isn't paying proper attention to this part of the project, you should look elsewhere.

Here are 8 fundamental questions your designer should ask you before they touch your brand design - and these are excellent points for you to consider, too. Ready?

Considering a rebrand

1. What do you do?

This may sound obvious, but without knowing exactly what your business offers, this project is going nowhere fast. Don't assume your designer knows what you do, or that a cursory glance on your website will tell them everything they need to know. Be specific, and be clear.

2. How do you differ from your competitors?

At Ditto, I like to ask clients what makes them so much more special than everyone else out there. This really boils down to why clients chose your business over the other options available to them, and what it is about your business that they value so much. Don't be ashamed to blow your own trumpet - we need to know why you rock.

3. What motivated you to reconsider your brand identity?

Has your business changed pace? Perhaps you've evolved and outgrown your old brand? We need to understand why you're looking to make changes so we can bring something fresh to the table.

4. What are you hoping to achieve?

Maybe you're wanting to accelerate your growth; or maybe you want to attract a new audience. Perhaps you need to shake off an outdated perception that people have of your business. Tel us what you want this new brand to do for you.

5. Who are you out to impress?

We need to know precisely who's socks need to be knocked off with your new brand identity. It's not enough to say 'well, everyone should like it', or even 'women aged 30-50', for example - we need to know what makes these people tick and what motivates them to buy in order to position your business in a way that will really resonate with them. This question is harder to answer than you first think, but really worth giving some thought to.

6. What should clients and prospects think and feel about your brand?

Your brand should show off your business in the best possible light. By rebranding, you've got a golden opportunity to really influence the way your business is perceived and what people think a bout you: use it.

7. What are your core values?

What makes you tick? What values do you live by? What's the culture of your business?

8. How do you see your business changing over the next couple of years?

Your investment in a new brand identity should last you some time. Yes, it should have a fairly immediate commercial impact, but it should also support you in your growth plans. Be upfront about what you have planned for the future so your designer can create something that will continue to win you business even in a few years time.

I hope this has helped? A good designer will expect to spend a good chunk of time with you upfront to fully understand your goals, leaving you free to get on with running your business while they think creatively about your brand. Help them out and do some homework to get you focussed and thinking positively before you get started!

Considering a rebrand