Thinking of updating your logo next year?

Logo design and brand stying by Ditto Creative, Kent Are you thinking of updating your logo or branding next year?

Before the rush of Christmas gets underway, take a couple of minutes to consider where you’d like to take your business next year. And then take a look at your existing branding. Is it up to the challenge, or does it need some love?

We have just five slots for branding projects left this year, and we want to fill them with projects for ambitious business owners who want an honest, authentic brand with heaps of personality. If your project fits the bill, we have some fantastic incentives to tempt you to commit to action.

Why is this great news for you?

1. Considering your brand now means you’ll enter 2015 with a good head-start on your competitors

2. You’ll gain confidence, focus and a beautiful, distinctive brand identity which will have prospects beating a path to your door

3. We have extra special rates available for the right projects if you commit before the new year (I can't make it more tempting than that!)

If you’re considering a rebrand or a marketing overhaul (think websites, newsletters, logos and brochures), please email me at and let’s book a time to talk. Tell me about what you’ve got planned and I’ll see how I can incentivise you to take action.

It’s win-win – you’ll save money and get ahead for the new year.

So what do you reckon - are you interested?