It's open!! Afternoon tea at the Zed Music Cafe

The Zed Music Cafe window graphic design by Ditto Brand StylistsSo many of you have been asking after Zoe and the Zed Music Cafe, so I thought it was high time to share some photos with you! The cafe opened on Saturday night with a real bang - they were packed out and had some amazing acts playing. I popped up to see Zoe yesterday afternoon for a spot of tea (they have a wonderful range of tea available!) and it was absolutely incredible to see all of our branding in place. I was even treated to an impromptu acoustic session as the team went through sound checks for Wednesday evenings' live music! Zed Music Cafe clothing design by Ditto Brand Stylists

Zed Music Cafe branding by Ditto Brand Stylists

Zoe's interior designer, Polly De Luca, followed our brand vision to a tee and I was blown away by how she's interpreted our work. The interior is relaxed, homely and welcoming and features an eclectic mix of turquoise studded bar stools, sumptuous velvet armchairs, distressed leather seats and orange industrial-style chairs. The dark wood floor and walls painted in brand colours look even better than I imagined.

I couldn't help but drift back to my first meeting with Zoe, when she gave me a tour of the ramshackle, dilapidated building she'd bought and earnestly told me she was going to create the best music venue Sevenoaks has ever seen. She certainly had a lot more vision than I did that day! I only wish I'd taken photos to show you just how much work has been done to convert this seriously neglected 450 year old building into the music hub that it is today. This historic building used to be the Sevenoaks tea rooms, and was famously visited by the Beatles when they were filming a music video in Knole Park. Something tells me that Ringo & co would approve of it's new owner.

Zed Music Cafe, window graphics by Ditto Brand Stylists

Zed Music Cafe Cole Clark Guitars

Zed Music Cafe Sevenoaks

As a branding agency, there are few things more rewarding than seeing your work come to life so seeing the staff wearing the uniforms we designed, and seeing the logo sitting proudly on the windows was just such a buzz. I couldn't resist picking up my own Zed Music Cafe hoodie as a reminder of the brilliant work we've done here. It's amazing to sit back and say: we did that.

Next time you're in Sevenoaks, I highly recommend you visit!