The festive wind down, and the tricky business of taking time out

photo(59) Hello! It's been a while; I hope you're all well? Christmas has come hurtling around the corner this year and taken me somewhat by suprise, and here we are: standing on the edge of another year and getting ready to enjoy a lovely break over the festive period. Over the last week I've been really unwell with a horrible seasonal bug that has completely sapped me of energy and - shock horror - forced me to have a day off work. Those who know me will be well aware that it takes me feeling seriously poorly before I take time away from work, so that's saying something!

And that brings me on to my single biggest resolution for the New Year:

In 2015, I'm going to take more time off. This year has been exciting, challenging and rewarding. We've taken some really big leaps of faith and made huge progress in our business. As a team we are stronger, more focussed and creating some exceptional work. And because the year has been so packed, I haven't wanted to miss a moment. The result, however, is that I am exhausted. I'm finally having to listen to my body which is screaming at me to curl up on the sofa and hibernate.

I'm eternally jealous of friends who run their own businesses yet manage to waltz off on last minute getaways without a care in the world (how do you do that?). I'm not sure that I know how to be away and not feel guilty that I'm letting someone down. As unhealthy as that attitude is - that's just how it is. All of us here at Ditto are the same, which probably makes things worse.

I know I'm not alone in my phobia of taking time off, so I'd really love to hear from you. How do you prise yourself away from your desk? Will you be tempted to check in on your email over the Christmas break, or will you be revelling in some well-earned downtime?