The art of dreaming big

The-art-of-dreaming-big Where do you find your inspiration for the next Big Thing for your business? And how do you go about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone? I often talk to clients about thinking big, but it can be difficult to know what that means, let alone to achieve it. It's all too easy to keep your head down and plod along - but that'd be too easy. To get you going, I thought I'd share my tips for the art of dreaming big. Enjoy!

1. Find your time. You cannot think creatively about the future when you're replying to emails/ wondering what's in the fridge for dinner/ battling to meet a deadline. Whether you need to take yourself off for a quiet cup of tea in your favourite cafe, take the phone off the hook or get up extra early to beat the madness, you need a time where your mind can be allowed to wander.

2. Know what the ultimate game plan is. Before you worry about what you want to achieve, I'd urge you to think a little longer term. What's the end plan? What do you need to do this year to help you along the way?

3. Get scribbling. Grab your notepad and jot down whatever comes to mind. You want to launch a new business? Fab! You want to double your turnover? Good for you! Write it down. It'll make it feel much more real.

4. Make at least one of your goals slightly out of reach. There's no such thing as a daft idea, so don't be afraid to think outside of the comfort zone and have a goal which makes you feel just a little bit queasy.

5. Share your list with someone. My best friend bullied mine out of me over Christmas. I mumbled my way through my list at first, but vocalising them actually made me feel a whole load more confident. Of course, now she knows what they are, I'll probably get bullied for a progress report - but that's no bad thing! There's a lot to be said for being held accountable.

6. Create an actionable plan. Ok. So we've got a bit crazy and written down some big ideas. How are you going to make them happen? What needs to change for you to get to where you want to be? I like to break my goals down per month, or for the bigger ones, per quarter. Set yourself specific tasks with a realistic timeframe and they're far more likely to happen.

7. Push yourself, but be kind to yourself too. Let's face it - sometimes life gets in the way. I'm not giving you carte blanche to make excuses, but when a hiccup has set you back allow yourself the time to recalibrate and start again.

Good luck!