Calling all ambitious business owners: Introducing the Ditto Spotlight Initiative

Introducing-the-Ditto-Spotlight-Initiative We’re on a mission to make this year an outstanding success for you.

Introducing our Spotlight initiative

We’re offering you the chance to grab our monthly slot as our Spotlight Project. Our Spotlight Projects benefit from working with us one to one to strengthen and define their brand, having us create a compelling brand identity that will blow them away, and have us champion their business on our website, blog and newsletter (that means you’ll have an estimated 5,000 extra eyes on your business). As an extra incentive, we’re offering reduced rates for Spotlight Projects, too.

The result?

You’ll generate more profit. You’ll attract more of your dream clients, be able to charge what you’re worth and sell more. Imagine how much easier life will be when you’re no longer fighting to win each new client, and instead people who truly value you are queuing up to do business.

One of our recent projects helped the client increase their sales 20-fold within 18 months. Imagine what we could do for you.

Think this is what your business needs?

We’d love to hear from you. Our Spotlight slots are reserved for projects where we can make the most difference, so we’re looking to work with people who are considering a new brand identity or marketing campaign. You need to be ambitious, passionate and ready to kick things up a gear.

Simply send an email to letting me know how you think I can help, and we'll book a time to talk from there. Can't wait to hear from you!