Current obsession: Hand Lettering

Hand lettering If there's one element which always adds a beautiful, distinctive edge to any brand identity, it's hand lettering. Hand lettering (not to be confused with typography, which is the skill of artfully setting type and usually done on a computer) is the art of drawing letters. Creating something by hand allows an artist to control the shape, mood, balance and space... and, of course, the result is a one-of-a-kind design that lends an enviable exclusivity to any brand. These days, most designers rely on typography to create their designs, but there really is nothing like creating something with paper and pen: it's such an art.

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Hand lettering has always fascinated me, and sits firmly under the category of 'things I wish I could do'. Egged on by my best friend (an illustrator - the sort that can sketch out a couple of quick lines and create something amazing), I decided to have a go at hand lettering myself. The eternally impatient type, it takes quite a lot for me to persevere with something that I'm not able to get good at very quickly - but I'm really aiming to stick with it as I would love to be able to create lettering myself.

hand lettering, Hannah Griffin

Since the weather yesterday morning cancelled my plans, I spent a blissful couple of hours with cups of tea, a sketch book and some brilliant tutorials. And you know what? For a first attempt, I don't think the results were half bad. If you'd like to see more of my work, have a look at my instagram feed.