Proud to Present: Brand styling for Aesthetic Surgeon, Nora Nugent

Nora Nugent Aesthetic surgeon Colour Palette Nora Nugent is an aesthetic surgeon based in Tunbridge Wells. She launched her private practice about a year ago, and already had a smart logo and website in place when she spoke to us. Although the logo was professionally designed, it felt cold and fell short of the mark when it came to truthfully reflecting Nora’s personality. Nora was also struggling to communicate with real flair when all she had to use was a two colour logo, and felt that her existing identity was in need of softening and expanding upon. Nora commissioned us to develop her brand identity to provide her with a wider colour palette, typography, secondary logos and brand elements which could be used on her website and correspondence.

Nora Nugent Plastic surgeon logo sketch by Ditto Brand stylists


The challenge we faced was to develop her current branding (which was serious, professional and credible, but also rather masculine and cold) to create a caring, nurturing and reassuring mood while maintaining gravitas and credibility.

The season personality

Nora’s brand personality is best reflected by a blend of Summer and Winter. While both seasons possess distinctly different qualities (winter being expert, driven and uncompromising, with summer being reassuring, nurturing and meticulous), they balance beautifully in the context of what Nora offers. Her current website and stationery designs were very winter-led: unfussy, cool and clean. Winter businesses are strong, visionary and at the top of their game: they are typically industry leaders and embrace innovation. While these qualities are valid for Nora, winter can also feel harsh and uncaring which is totally wrong. By introducing influences of summer, we can create an altogether softer mood which feels reassuring, honest, approachable and caring. Summer personalities carry a strong sense of responsibility, and work fastidiously to high standards: they detest poor quality. These qualities are a far more accurate portrayal of Nora’s values, so it was essential to reflect this by introducing the elegant shapes, distinctive typography and feminine colour associated with summer to her winter-based logo.

The colour palette

As fortune would have it, Nora’s current winter-led colours sit beautifully within a summer colour palette. Pure summer could appear too feminine and undermine her expertise, with pure winter being too harsh – but the addition of softer tones of nude, gold, coral and powder blue to rich blue and cool grey creates a palette which is feminine yet serious. While the deep blue communicates trust, intelligence and expertise, pink hues possess all of the qualities that Nora’s brand was lacking: it is compassionate, nurturing and warm. We’ve been careful to use grown-up shades of peony and coral rather than more brash shades of magenta which would undermine the mood. The addition of a yellow-gold brings a richness to the palette.

The brand board

The overall mood of this board is serious but soft. The patterns balance gentle, feminine colours with clearly defined geometric shapes; the typography is clean, distinctive and elegant. Everything has a subtle warmth to it.

Nora Nugent Aesthetic Surgeon - Brand Board by Ditto brand stylists

Nora Nugent appointment card design by Ditto brand stylists stationery-mockup Tri-Fold-Brochure-Mockup-01

The next step is to roll this beautiful identity out across a set of stationery (including gold embossed business cards - LOVE!), and update Nora's website to ensure her web presence accurately reflects her personality and values. Seriously excited to see this live!