5 fantastic websites for free stock photos


Remember my post a few days ago about the essentials of using stock photography in your marketing material? I've had a couple of messages to ask where I find my photos for the work we do at Ditto. I love iStock and Fotolia for client work, but there are some fantastic websites you can get your hands on free images that are ideal for blog posts. Here's my top 5 (which I've whittled down from this fab list at bootstrapbay.com):

1/ Unsplash - beautiful, artfully shot images. Subscribe to their list and have 10 free images emailed to you every week.

2/ Death to the Stock Photo - 10 free images per month, with the option to go pro for a wider range. Completely cheese-free images

3/ Splitshire - quirky images which are totally free for commercial or personal use

4/ Picjumbo - an eclectic mix of images, with new photos added every day

5/ New Old Stock Photo - a beautiful collection of vintage images from public archives (I could spend hours looking at these!)

Do bear in mind that you should always double check the licensing (most of these sites contain images free from copyright restrictions, but you should always be certain of this before you use them) to ensure you're not breaking copyright law by using them. And if you weren't sure, pinching images from Google is never ok!