Five unexpected benefits of branding your small business

5-unexpected-benefits-of-branding-your-businessWhen was the last time you sat down and really considered the direction of your business? I mean, really thought about where your business is heading, who your dream clients are and how you're going to reach them? If put on the spot, would you be able to tell me exactly what your strengths are as a business? No? You're not alone. I've been there too - the day to day challenges of running your growing business take up so much in the way of time, energy and resources, that there's not a moment spare to think about the future; you need to deal with the fee-paying work/ VAT return/ dispute over the elctricity bill that's right in front of you. Until, all of a sudden, you realise that you're in a bit of a swamp and haven't thought about marketing or promotion for a good six months.

Many of our clients come to us suffering the frustration of not growing as quickly as they'd like; perhaps they're battling against a perception of their business that isn't correct, or the customers they're attracting are causing way more agro than they're worth. They're tired of fighting so hard for each new customer, cutting margins (not to mention losing the will to carry on) in the process. That's where a rebrand can do absolute wonders.

If you thought that a rebrand was only about producing a beautiful visual identity, you'd be wrong. Here are five suprising (and possibly unexpected) benefits of rebranding your business:

1. The branding process provides you with the opportunity to step away from your business for a while and think about the bigger picture. Taking time out to think about the long term game is invaluable. Trust me.

2. Being given the support of someone entirely objective to challenge you on your business goals can be, quite frankly, a relief. Small business owners suffer with isolation at the best of times; when you work with a creative team you'll have someone else fighting your corner and collaborating with you to show off the very best bits of your business (that you'd probably forgotten even existed)

3. It reminds you of the value of what you do. It's easy to lose sight of how valuable your services are; when a spotlight is put on the value you deliver to your clients, you'll be reminded of all the things you do that makes your business special.

4. It provides you with clarity and focus, and re-energises your team. Where's your business going? What's the long term plan? How does that affect your team? Getting your team involved in a rebrand is a great way for you to communicate your vision to them, and enthuse them on the next steps for the business they chose to work in.

5. It provides a fantastic excuse to re-connect with your clients. A re brand tends to be a very news-worthy thing. The savviest business owners will use their rebrand as an opportunity to gain some PR; perhaps they'll have a launch event, invite the relevant press and industry magazines, and get their clients along to celebrate their new direction as a business.