'I slashed my client list in half - and I'm better off as a result'

Business-Essentials-slashing-your-client-listHolding on to unprofitable clients seems to be a favourite pastime of us small business owners. Perhaps it's that we're all too nice to say no, we don't like to turn work away or we're so grateful of the enquiry that we take the job, even if it doesn't represent a good project for us. So many of our clients struggle to identify the work they want (and we've certainly been there too!), and very few have the guts to say no when presented with unprofitable work that I felt I had to share this success story with you. One of my lovely clients popped in to say hi yesterday. She looked refreshed, well rested and really quite bubbly - which was lovely to see as she's usually exhausted. By her own admission, she spends far too much time rushing around trying to please her clients to the detriment of her family life and is constantly tired from trying to please everyone. She happily told me that she's slashed her client list in half, and has never felt better. By dropping the clients who weren't earning her money, she's been able to focus on providing a knock-out service to the clients who she loves working with, and who truly value her. Her client list is much smaller, but functions much better. She's able to give clients the level of attention that she wants to be able to give, and as a result is able to charge realistically for the time she's spending with them. Happier clients, happier (and more profitable) business owner.