Hold on to your hats - the Ditto brand is evolving

Ditto vision board 2 Having spent all of last year working on making other peoples' businesses look irresistable, we've decided to take a long hard look in the mirror and evaluate our own brand. For the last couple of months, we've been working behind the scenes to give Ditto the look it deserves.

This is not going to be easy.

I don't have to tell you that trying to do work for yourself is the hardest work to do. You're your own worst critic, you're never happy, and you're very easily distracted when someone waves a cheque at you and asks you to do paid-for work instead of focussing on your own project.

But it's time for the next phase for Ditto.

Over the last few months, we've gained real traction as a respected branding agency, and it's high time that our own brand got an overhaul to reflect our new direction. This is a simple fact of business: passions change, businesses evolve and you find yourself needing to reposition your place in the market.

It'll be a test of our processes, and our endurance

Part of me is giddy with excitement at the prospect of a fresh new look, which sends out all the right messages. And part of me is nervous of leaving behind an identity which we feel comfortable in - even if it has become a little restrictive. I'm starting to identify with how our clients feel when they come to us. This is scary stuff!

Will you join us for the journey?

Transparency is something we hold dear at Ditto. We're always honest, always upfront, and never hide anything from you. So while I can't promise that my blog posts over the coming weeks will be the most polished material you'll ever see from me, I feel that it's only fitting that we lay ourselves bare and share the journey with you. I want you to understand why we're making changes, and I'd definitely love to have your support along the way.

So, buckle up: you're in for a bit of a ride.