A call to arms

A new week dawns and the mood feels pretty reflective following the news of Britains' vote on Friday.

Whether you voted leave or remain, the worlds' response on Friday has been fascinating - a blend of fear, celebration and either way, uncertainty.

If we can all just realise that the world will still turn, the sun will still rise and the birds will still sing, we can make it through this. Panic won't help. When in a period of uncertainty there's always a temptation to play it safe, batten down the hatches and wait for things to pass, but I know that that's not your style - it's not mine, either.

We got into the world of small business for one reason: to take charge of our future and make our own decisions. We planned to grow our businesses, to be in control and to have fun while we're at it. Are we going to slink off into the background, or are we going to put two fingers up to all of that and concentrate on the things that we can change - our businesses?

I know which option I'll be choosing.

The best thing we can do is continue as we were, and focus on growing our businesses as much as we can.

C'mon people. We can do this.