Branding with feel: a new concept in branding your small business

How was your Summer? Whether you've been away or have been busy hatching grand plans, the pre-Autumn back-to-school season always feels like a good time to review how things are going within our businesses.

To help you get your brand working as hard for you as it possibly can, I've created a new free resource for you: the Branding with Feel workbook.

What is this 'Branding with Feel' you talk about?

Ah, I'm so glad you asked ;-)

Any old Tom, Dick or Harry can design a logo. But you and I know that powerful branding is about more than that.

Branding with Feel is the concept of creating a brand which has the power to tug on the heartstrings of your people. A buying decision which is emotive rather than logical is always a more powerful one; creating an emotional connection is the fastest way to win people over, reduce the need to haggle and create die-hard brand advocates.

And to do that, you need to create a feeling around your brand.

When we ceated the brand for Petronel at The Audiophile's Clinic, he knew he wanted to create a feel with his brand. One of ease, warmth and familiarity. A brand that hinted at the honest way in which he works whilst feeling modern in its approach. The brand we created, supported by the image styles that we selected, achieves this perfectly. For me, it conjures up memories of following my Dad into the record store when I was a little girl. How does it make you feel?

Hayne House required an altogether different feel; one of romance, elegance and intimate celebrations of love at a venue that was made to feel like home. Can you see how the softness of the image, the character of the serif type and the gentle flow of the hand lettered script creates a romantic yet homely feel?

The branding we created for Allen's was required to give a firm nod towards provenance and heritage (the brand is over 130 years old and that history needs celebrating!) while also feeling current, desirable and accessable. Bold colours, hand illustrations and a combination of on-trend and heritage-inspired typography make this brand feel welcoming yet also quite exclusive.

Many of us offer products and services which aren't unique in themselves, and can be bought elsewhere. But our customers choose us because the way in which we do things is unique, and it's that irreplaceable spirit of your brand that'll have people beating a path to your door.

Your job is to understand what it is about how you do things that makes your business irresistible, and how you can communicate that through your brand, your website, your social media and every other interaction that your customer has with you. And that's what I've created our new workbook for.

The Branding with Feel workbook is designed to help you refocus on the message your brand needs to communicate, gain clarity on how to ramp up the power of your branding to help you stand out, look incredible and win more business.

Download your copy by clicking here - and let me know how you get on!