'But everyone knows my logo!' - 5 reasons why you shouldn't fear a rebrand

Of the branding projects we accept at Ditto, the split is a pretty even 50/50 between brand new baby businesses wanting to create the right perception from the very start, to seasoned and established businesses who come to us for a fresh look. And both present different challenges: when you're branding a start-up, a lot is based on speculation as you simply don't yet know what it is that you're going to really gain traction with - while with rebrands we tend to find that clients can carry emotional baggage of the projects they didn't win, the competitor who's been snapping at their heels or the misplaced perception they're desperate to shake off.

While all of the clients who approach us for a rebrand know that they want a new look, they're very often anxious about the process. Will their customers still want to do business with them? Will people still recognise them once their visual identity has changed? Will the investment pay off?

Today I'm going to address some of those concerns to squash 'em dead and give you the confidence you need to press on if a rebrand is something you've been umming and ahhhing about.

1/ The number one reason why businesses rebrand is because their old look is just that - old. It may be that it's aestheticallly dated, irrelevant or simply doesn't reflect the direction that the business is heading in. Rebranding is a brrrr-illiant excuse to shake off the old, welcome in the new and press ahead with renewed energy and vigour. So let the old stuff go! The business you have now is almost certainly known for more than the illustration that you plastered everywhere wehn you started out, so don't be concerned that changing it will mean the phones will stop ringing.

2/ Very often we find that clients consider a rebrand because they need to adjust the way their business is being perceived. Perhaps their work is more high-end than their image portrays, or they want to charge more for what they do but their visual identity belittles the value of their offering. Your visual identity - be it good or bad - has a mega impact on how you're perceived. And so if you're looking to change perception, your look will need to change too.

3/ We frequently hear that clients have a concern of upsetting their loyal customers who have become used to the way things are right now. Think about it like this: those who love what you do and have remained loyal do so because of a deep-rooted connection with your brand and an appreciation for what you add to their lives. Think that'll change simply because you have a new logo? Of course it won't! I always encourage clients to engage with their existing customers when they're going through a rebrand - sharing snippets on twitter, instagram and facebook is a brilliant way for your current tribe to feel part of the process and build anticipation of what's to come.

4/ If you're an established business, rebranding can be a bit of an investment. Beyond the initial work to create the brand identity, you'll probably need a new website, new brochures, posibly new uniforms and a new shop front (if that's your thing). It can certainly add up, and of course you're right to think carefully about whether your investment will pay for itself. Take the time to gather a full estimate for everything you'll need before you commission any work to avoid suprises later on. I almost always find that businesses put their prices up to coincide with a rebrand, so calculating the impact of that price rise on your bottom line will help you feel much more comfortable with the investment you're making in your identity.

5/ A rebrand is a wonderful reason to celebrate the evolution of your business and reconnect with clients and business friends who you've not spoken to for a while. You'd be amazed at the positive perception that comes hand in hand with making an investment in your brand - not only will it fill you with confidence when your visual identity truly plays to your strengths and showcases what you're great at but it also sends out a powerful message that you believe in your business and have something great to offer.

Got a success story from rebranding your business? I'd love to hear it!