Case study: build it, and they will come


You might have seen my recent post about the brand and website we created for Still by Paul Sanders - an incredibly new business for a dear friend of ours.

Paul was understandably anxious about his new venture - his offering is a high end one and is a pretty unique concept - there are very few other mindfulness photography workshops and retreats on the market, which made his business rather niche. All of this made the financial investment in creating a brand and website a particularly scary one! Nonetheless, I really, really believe in Paul’s offering and felt certain that he’d have an incredible reaction to his new venture. Paul already has a very engaged audience who love his work, and would no doubt leap at the chance to work with him one to one.

The day we launched his website was thrilling - the reactions were instant and overwhelmingly positive. He had the single highest web traffic we’ve ever seen on launch day, with an astonishing number of sign-ups to his newsletter (he’d cleverly designed an automated email to greet all new subscribers, introducing them to his philosophy in greater detail and sign posting to his workshops and retreats), and enthusiastic comments filling his social media feed.

Within a week, he called me to let me know that the bookings he’d received in the last few days had pretty much paid for the investment he’d made in working with us which is absolutely incredible. To get such an instant reward is proof that Paul’s offering is a brilliant one, and we are obviously beyond delighted that our work has helped him advance in such an immediate way.

Build it, and they will come

The ironic thing is that what Paul is offering now is something he’s been able to do for a long time. His previous website advertised one to one workshops, but they never quite gained the traction he’d hoped for. The difference now is that he has a clearly defined offering, with a concise and compelling message. Rather than a vague description of what he could do, the new website clearly sets out what’s on offer, how it works, and what the cost is. It speaks about how the workshop will benefit the client, and how they’ll feel as a result.

Find what you, and only you, can do

There are loads of photography workshops out there. There are some workshops that offer a mindfulness approach. There are none others that draw from personal experience in the way that Paul’s do. Paul has been very open about his turbulent relationship with his mental health - but rather than let this define him, he’s embraced it and used his experience to create something that can help others. Paul’s journey has given him a unique perspective on how powerful photography can be as an aid to mindfulness, and how this can have an immense impact on mental wellbeing. It means he’s been able to craft an offering that’s genuine, sincere and comes from a place of empathy.

The lessons here?

1/ Don’t stand in the way of a sale - make it easy for people to buy

2/ Give your business the leg-up it deserves by showcasing it beautifully and thoughtfully

3/ Be bold enough to be different and embrace your singular experience

We’ll be talking more about creating a clear message and defined offering at The Marketing Clinic, our new online course which is enrolling now. I’ve just a couple of places left if you’d like a piece of the action!