Considering a fresh image for the new year? Now's the time to act

Branding by Ditto Creative branding agency in Sevenoaks, Kent

I can hardly believe we're in the last few weeks of 2015! How's this year been for you so far?

Perhaps you've had a storming 2015 and want to celebrate your success by starting the new year with a fresh new look. Or maybe this year has felt a bit like wading through treacle, and you're ready to shake off the old and set yourself off to a great start by investing in an image that reflects what you're brilliant at and has clients queuing to work with you.

Whichever it is, if you've been thinking about starting the new year with a new brand identity or slick new website, now's the time to act as there's just about the time to get your new brand or website launched for January. Take a look at some of our favourite projects of the year so far right here, or scroll down for 5 reasons why investing in your image is the best move you'll make this year.


Hannah and the team at Ditto have a knack for translating my jumbled ideas into beautiful design work. They provide clarity, confidence and the knowledge that they pour their heart and soul into their clients’ businesses
— Francesca Booth, Dandylion

1/ It's an opportunity to alter perceptions. Want to strike out in a new direction? Want to attract higher paying work, or bigger projects? All of this is possible when you communicate the right message

Zed Music Cafe Sevenoaks logo design and branding by Ditto branding agency, Kent

2/ It'll allow you to charge more When you communicate the right message, it's much easier to attract higher paying work

Greencut horticulture logo design and branding by Dito Craetive, branding agency kent

3/ It'll put plenty of distance between you and your competitor A rebrand is an opportunity stand out, get heard and make waves withing your industry. Get known for what you're really great at, and leave the competition behind

Eat N Mess gluten free cake shop logo design by Ditto Creative branding agency Kent

4/ It'll make selling soooo much easier When clients know exactly why they should work with you, they'll beat a path to your door and be ready to buy, without quibbling on price

Stuart McMahon garden design logo design and branding by Ditto Creative branding agency Kent

5/ Get noticed by the right people These days it's not as straightforward as simply attracting clients - your businesses' image should help you attract the right people to join your team, and the right press opportunities to raise your profile

Working with Ditto has definitely contributed to the growth of my company
— Denise Tiran, Expectancy

Tempted? We have limited slots available for projects such as branding design and websites between now and January. Tell us all about your project and let's see what we can do! Email to get things started.