How to launch your new brand with a bang

How to launch your brand, by Hannah Belton of Ditto Creative, branding agency Kent

Rebranding your business is such an exciting time. After what will probably have been months of planning, you're finally ready to launch your gorgeous new look into the world... but how? Suddenly it all gets very real. How can you make the absolute most of the opportunity to make lots of noise?

Over the years, I've helped lots of businesses launch a new brand. The ones who do it well are prepared to go the extra mile to really create a buzz and make sure that everyone knows that there's a new brand coming. Because very often, a rebrand isn't simply about a new logo, it's about setting upon a new path, evolving in a new direction and a new way of doing things. That means that people need to know about it!

How to launch with a bang (not a flop)

Start by setting a date. It's waaay too easy to keep delaying things when you run your own business. You've been so excited for the world to see your new look, but as the rebrand nears completion you start to get cold feet and begin to think that simply uploading your new logo to your social media profiles will do. Much better to set a date and tell people about it - it'll make you accountable. Just make sure it's a realistic date which allows enough time for your website to be finished, printed items to be ordered and have information packs refreshed and ready to send.

You might like to consider...

A countdown. With your date set, there's no reason not to do a countdown! You could use your new brand typography and colour palette to create llittle graphics to post up on social media - Canva is a brilliant resource for creating branded images.

Share your story on social media. Involve your community in the process by giving them sneak peeks at your new look, or giving them snippets of the story. People love to be involved!

Throw a launch party. What a great way to celebrate how far you've come! Invite customers, friends, influencers.

Run a giveaway or competition. People LOVE a giveaway and it's a great way to collect information to build your mailing list.

Tell people! Whether you want to phone the newspapers and lifestyle magazines or get some bloggers involved, a rebrand is a newsworthy event. Don't miss an opportunity to have people talking about your business.

Send something to your customers in the post. A rebrand is a great opportunity to reconnect with dormant customers who might not have ordered in a while. Consider sending them a little something in the post (an invitation to your launch party, perhaps?) to pique their attention.

Make sure you're ready. Have everything totally organised will alleviate a lot of the stress. Work with your design team to make sure they have everything they need from you, and order print in plenty of time to be sure that come launch day, everything runs like a well oiled machine.

Keep up the momentum

Rebranding a business can be an all-consuming task and has probably used up a great deal of your time and energy for a good chunk of time. Don't let all that good work go to waste!

You'll probably notice a spike in activity just after you've launched your brand - more sales, more traffic to your website, more enquiries. After the initial rush, it's likely you'll feel somewhat of the post-brand blues and you might experience a bit of a slump. To keep energy levels high, have something planned for the month after you launched your brand. Perhaps you'll launch a new product or service, maybe you'll follow up with everyone who's registered interest to find out a bit more about them. Whatever you do, make the very most of all the new enquiries you've gathered and don't let the trail go cold.

Good luck!

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