How to sell more

I want to share something with you that'll be entirely game changing in the way that you attract new customers: Culture.

Roll back just a few years and brand strategy was all about defining customer demographics by the sorts of dry categories that make creatives weep: age, gender, location, salary and so on. We'd all sit down, think about our target demographic and feel quite smug with ourselves - confident in the knowledge that we'd now be able to sell at a 30 year old male living in Tonbridge.

These days, nobody sells *at* anybody.

The consumer is in control. They have a wealth of choice far greater than ever before: the online era and surge in new ways of communicating makes procuring products or services from virtually anywhere in the world no more than a couple of clicks away. Rather than competing with the handful of competitors in the same town as you, you're now competing on an entirely different level, with competitors further afield than you've ever considered.

For business owners, connecting with customers on an emotional level just became a whole load more important.

These days, customers expect the brands that they buy from to have a meaningful presence within their lives. They want us, as brand owners, to advocate their beliefs, behaviours and values. To create a brand which resonates with them on an emotional level, that they feel compelled to buy from.

It's simple: create an emotional connection, and selling becomes easier

A brand culture begins with the beliefs and values that underpin the way you do business. You can't fake it, you can't sidestep it - it has to be real. And this is where small businesses have a massive gain over big businesses: authenticity comes easy to us. It's there, everyday, in the way that we behave. Ask yourself: what is it about the way I do things that my customers really love? Why do they choose me over my competitor?

When we rebranded Ditto a couple of years ago, I thought I knew precisely what our clients value about us. We sell creative services, so surely our clients are buying logos and brand identities, are they not? I was so wrong. Whilst physical branding assets are the tangible elements of what people buy from us, the things they value most are our creativity, our refusal to do things in a way which isn't authentic, our honesty and integrity, and the confidence and clarity that we deliver. Can you see how that's suddenly so much more compelling than buying a logo design?

My biggest tip to you? Work what you've already got. And look a little deeper to find out what it is that keeps clients coming back.

Good luck!