My love, you're a dream: How to attract your perfect clients

Ditto Creative vision board, branding agency London

Let me set the scene:

Your day is filled working with people who you just absolutely love. Business is great and work comes easily - from people who are a joy to work with. Your customers are raving brand advocates and as a consequence, you're constantly receiving even more enquiries from people who are just as lovely.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?

I thought so too. A couple of years ago we worked with a fabulous business coach. I remember very clearly her telling me that by rebranding, we could have clients crossing continents to work with us. I wanted to believe her, I really did - but I couldn't let myself believe it.

And yet here we are.

Since we rebranded Ditto I've been overwhelmed by how effective our brand has been in attracting precisely the sorts of gutsy, ambitious (and slighty rebellious) business owners who we adore. It's been a total revelation. These days, clients not only cross the UK to work with us, but they cross the globe with enquiries coming in from as far away as New York.

Aside from having a brand and website which reflects us in the right light, we've changed the way we behave and interact with clients too. I want to share with you the key turning points - the things that we did differently - which I hope will help you engage with the unicorn clients of your world.

/ Be authentic
Be you. Embrace what you're good at, play to your strengths and do things in a way that fits.

/ Respect the power of your words
Words are powerful things. The type of language you use, the tone of your message and the way you interact with customers impacts massively on how you're perceived. If you're a light and breezy brand, don't be afraid to use language to match!

/ Use social media to build your community
Use social media to showcase your brand personality. Don't shy away from it; it's the best platform I've come across for creating genuine bonds with our clients and will get you seen by hoards of people who'd love to do business with you. It allows you to be a tad more informal and give a peek into your world that creates a wonderful sense of familiarity with your followers.

/ Communicate with confidence
This one's a biggie. For us, our new brand allowed us to walk taller and own our space which certainly gave us bundles of confidence. And those around us have responded brilliantly to that - they're quicker to place trust in us which means that by the time they make an enquiry, they're pretty much ready to buy.

/ Be a voice, not an echo
I've seen this so many times that I forget where it originated from. It takes courage to do things differently and step outside the box - people respect that! Do things your own way, and do it with pride.

If this has inspired you to strike out and do things differently, I want to hear about it! Join me on twitter or instagram and share your brand story.