On telling the world who your clients are

Ditto Creative, image styling by Hannah Belton, creative director

Well, hello! It feels like we've not spoken in a while. How are you?

To make up for my absence, this is the first part of two instalments about defining and finding your dream clients. Firstly, I'd like to chat with you about why it's so important to tell the world who you want to work with, and when you're ready you can head here for the second chapter: defining your dream clients.

Let's get stuck right in...

Without properly defining your customers, it's near on impossible to attract the right people to your business. We've spoken before about the wildly detrimental effect that the wrong clients can have on your business: they sap your time, your resources and chip away at your sense of identity. To avoid this Very Bad situation, you need to be incredibly clear about who it is that you're interested in doing business with. You need to start by building a client profile.

To give you a flavour of what I mean by a client profile, here's ours:

Ambitious entrepreneur. Either running a successful business already, or are a well funded start up, Operates in a high end space, or have aspirations to become high end. Grounded, open minded, friendly and adores being in nature. Their business may be linked to the outdoors, but not necessarily. They're drawn to the slow living movement, and prefer things that are organic or sustainably sourced. They value creativity and appreciate craftsmanship and good design. They want something one of a kind, with depth and substance. They do not like corporate! They might be lacking in confidence and need their brilliance bringing forward. 

This profile covers all sorts of businesses: from wedding venues to garden designers, restaurants to florists. But it does influence the type of person who'd click with us: they all have a strong sense of individuality and deliver their work with flair and passion. 

How we appeal to our target clients

Firstly, we don't look like your average branding agency. With our website bursting with beautiful images of nature, we instantly communicate an earthy vibe. We use very direct, conversational language that's written to greet our client as a friend. And we use design strategically to communicate an aspirational feel. All of this creates a mood which immediately appeals to the lovely people we want to work with, while gently dissuading those we don't. 

By communicating thoughtfully and intentionally, our clients are immediately able to relate to our message. It feels comfortable and familiar to them, striking a chord on an emotional level, sending subconscious signals that we're good people to have around. 

How's this all sounding to you? Want a piece of the magic? Head on over here for my guide to defining your ideal client. See you there!