On understanding your magic (and selling more of it)

Owning your magic and selling emotively by Ditto Creative Brand Stylists

What do you sell? That's probably a mind numbingly daft question on the face of it, but take a second to consider it. Whilst you might sell a professional service such as accountancy, a homewares product or something delicious to eat or drink, your customers probably aren't buying what you're selling in the way that you think you are. They're buying the way that what you're selling makes them feel.

Perhaps you're a food producer selling tea, cakes or gin (says a lot about my priorities, that list does), but what your customers are buying goes way beyond that. For example, my favourite brand of tea is one which I only drink at the weekends, when I have time to savour the contents of my mug rather than gulping it down and rushing out of the door. That tea represents far more than a drink to me: it's my downtime, my time when I relax and cosy up at home.

The fact is that an overwhelming number of us these days buy with our hearts, not our heads. We're not interested in simply picking something off the shelf: we want it to enhance our lives and make us feel something. We care about origin, about the product story and about what us buying one brand over another tells the world about our values. And understanding the magic element that captures the hearts of your clients will enable you to sell so much more powerfully.

Grab a pen and your notebook, and brainstorm out as many emotive words as you can think of that describes how your business makes your customers feel. You'll really need to think about this one (and in my experience, it helps if you can interview one of your favourite customers, too), as you'll be suprised by the answers! When we rebranded Ditto earlier this year, I discovered that what we're really selling is confidence, direction and clarity. I'm almost ashamed to admit that this was a revelation to me - I always thought we were selling beautiful designs!

Using emotive language evokes the senses and creates desire in a way that you just can't do with a bland decription of what you sell. If you need a helping hand in getting focussed, download our brand planning e-book - it's free!