Proud to Present: a beautiful brand identity for The Peacock Rooms

The Peacock Rooms Sevenoaks, branding and logo design by Ditto Creative brand stylists, Kent, brand board

Sarah Rumsey approached us last August, at a time when her business not only didn't have a home yet, but it didn't have a name either! After all of the work we've done together to create a name for the business and design a beautiful identity, it's such a pleasure to be able to share it with you.

The Peacock Rooms is a luxury destination hair and beauty salon in our home town of Sevenoaks, and will be closely aligned with premium beauty brand, Aveda. The ethos of The Peacock Rooms is all about being refined, aspirational and luxury whilst maintaining the quirkiness, warmth and eco-friendly values which sets the salon apart from everyone else. 

The Peacock Rooms Sevenoaks branding by Ditto Creative, branding agency Kent
The Peacock Rooms Sevenoaks, logo and branding design by Ditto Creative

Sarah is no stranger to the beauty industry as she's worked as a highly regarded make up artist for years (she's even been recommended by Vogue), and is drawing upon all of this excellent experience to create a uniquely positioned business which will provide incredible quality hair, beauty and makeup for women and men. The aim is to deliver an exceptional experience which is kind to the environment, and has a distinctive yet boho vibe.

We decided on the name The Peacock Rooms which I absolutely love. Sarah and I both got shivers when we landed on that name - there's so much scope to play with it and it completely sums up what she stands for. 

The Peacock Rooms Sevenoaks, logo design and brand identity by Ditto Creative, brand stylists Kent
The Peacock Rooms Sevenoaks, logo design and branding by Ditto Creative, brand stylists Kent
The Peacock Rooms Sevenoaks, logo design and branding by Ditto Creative, brand stylists Kent
The Peacock Rooms Sevenoaks, branding design and logo design by Ditto Creative, brand stylists Kent

The overall mood of The Peacock Rooms branding is warm, quirky and welcoming. Natural tones are contrasted against raw textures of exposed brick walls, bare wood and copper. Botanical prints and hand illustrated elements provide a grounded, substantial and approachable feel. The typography is a blend of rambling, organic hand lettering, characterful and traditional serifs, and condensed san serifs for a modern and more masculine feel.

Brand identities like this are so our jam - Dan's strong and distinctive typography style meets Derek's thoughtful hand illustrations to beautiful effect, creating a completely custom brand identity which will set The Peacock Rooms off to the great start that the business deserves.

What Sarah says:

As soon as I had made the decision to go for it and open my first salon, I had decided that I was going to have my branding done professionally, after all, it’s such an important element to building a business.
My first call to Hannah at Ditto sealed the deal for me, I think we were chatting with great ease for 40 minutes or so and at the end of the call, I had a strong feeling we would work well together.
In fact, they have been absolutely amazing to work with and when my branding was finally shown to me, I was so happy and so shocked at how perfectly close it was to what had been in my head, I missed a breath!!
I could not be happier with my beautiful branding for The Peacock Rooms and it’s all thanks to Hannah, Dan and Derek.
I hope our business relationship will be a long and happy one
— Sarah Rumsey, The Peacock Rooms