Proud to Present: A sophisticated and distinctive brand identity for Kent podiatrists, Kent Foot & Ankle Clinic

Kent Foot and Ankle Clinic brand vision board by Ditto Creative, brand styling Kent

Kent Foot & Ankle Clinic, run by Jay Lall, is a podiatry and chiropody clinic offering treatments for patients with foot, ankle and lower limb problems. As a fairly young company, the business is growing quickly and are expanding into offering more clinics. Jay approached Ditto as she had recognised that a well-positioned brand identity can really open doors and will help the business grow faster.

Kent Foot & Ankle Clinics strive to deliver the best quality of care that they possibly can, and are committed to continuous development and education to ensure they're at the top of their game. They love to develop long term relationships with patients, and love the rewarding nature of what they do. The aim with the rebrand was to create an identity which is trustworthy, expert, premium and approachable.

Kent Foot & Ankle Clinic Branding by Ditto Creative, branding and logo design in Kent

The season personality

We’ve identified the seasons which best represent Kent Foot & Ankle Clinic as Winter, with Summer subordinates. Winter personalities are practical and self-assured. They are grounded, intelligent and ambitious, and they make things happen with minimal fuss. They’re decisive and objective, with the ability to see the bigger picture whilst never missing the finer details. Winter personalities are grounded, focussed and disciplined. They are visionary, expert and high achievers yet are also practical and reliable.

Summer personalities, however, are nurturing, gentle and highly intuitive. They’re very efficient and well organised, and are similarly obsessed about fine details as their Winter counterparts. Quality and style is very important to Summer personalities.

Kent Foot & Ankle Clinic brand board by Ditto Creatve, branding and logo design in Kent

The colours

The Kent Foot & Ankle Clinic colour palette is a blend of strong colours and muted accents which contrast each other to create a clean and distinctive collection. From rich navy blue and charcoal grey to yellow, coral, faded blue and aqua, the colours in the palette all perform different jobs. Blues are trustworthy, reassuring and established – aqua is lively and fresh yet also balancing, coral is nurturing and gentle whilst yellow is optimistic and happy.

Kent Foot & Ankle Clinic branding by Ditto Creative, branding and logo design in Kent
Kent Foot & Ankle Clinic branding by Ditto Creative, logo design and brand identity in Kent

The overall mood is one of stylish simplicity. Keen not to undermine the credibility and highly skilled nature of what Jay does, we’ve contrasted clean, modern sanserif typography with timeless and distinctive serif types. Strong shapes with minimal styling tell the world that Jay means business, while touches of colour and the introduction of a hand-styled script introduce a sense of approachability.

I can't wait to see where this new brand identity takes the business! A rebrand is such an exciting time for any business and I have no doubt that it'll provide an excellent springboard for Jay to take Kent Foot & Ankle Clinic to even bigger and better places.