Proud to Present: a serene and soothing brand identity for Clarity

Clarity vision board

The ever so lovely Nic Pendregaust approached Ditto to help her launch her brand new venture. Hers was a familiar scenario: she's preparing to make the bold leap from the comfy world of employment to being her own boss, and wanted a brand that would give her vision the face it deserves!

With her background of 20 years working in the corporate environment in HR, Nic's career has given her an excellent insight into the lives of those stuck on the corporate treadmill, and an unbeatable level of empathy which they’ll find exceptionally reassuring. Clarity is the name we decided on for Nic's new venture, and will pave the way for her to follow her dream of running a practice which helps people to lead a happier, more fulfilled life. The brief for Nic's brand was simple: it should distill all of her excellent skills to create a uniquely positioned counselling service for clients who are facing the struggles of the corporate lifestyle. 

With a genuine desire to help, Nic is keen to remove the stigma which is often attached to counselling and reframe the choice to visit a counsellor as an entirely positive one. The Clarity brand personality is calm, restorative, reassuring, calm, open and approachable. The core values revolve around integrity, respect and trust. We were eager to avoid the ‘new age’ vibe that sometimes comes with counselling, knowing that Clarity's clients will respond much better to a grounded and reassuring look.

Clarity logo design, branding and brand board by Ditto Creative, branding agency Kent

The colours

Your colour palette is a minimal selection of soothing and gentle hues. Trustworthy, focussed and intelligent midnight blue is softened by a calm and serene cornflower blue. A gentle, restorative mint green adds a sense of clarity and freshness while slate grey provides a balanced and elegant base. A subtle dove grey brings a delicate and sophisticated feel to the palette.

Clarity logo design and brand identity by Ditto Creative, branding agency Kent
Clarity logo design and brand identity by Ditto Creative, branding agency Kent
Clarity logo design and brand identity by Ditto Creative, branding agency Kent

The brand board

How gorgeous is the primary logo?! It involves some really clever shapes. The logo element uses an extremely high contrast serif to create a ‘C’ monogram – so high contrast that the thinnest of the lines have almost disappeared. We love the idea that whilst you can’t see that shape, you know it’s there – which hints on the idea of something starting out slightly foggy but becoming clearer.  In terms of typography, we’ve used a minimal san serif and a hand lettered script for a gentle flowing shape that brings a sense of energy to the design. The contrasting shapes create real interest to a logo which is beautiful in its simplicity.

Confident shapes are given plenty of breathing space to create a restful mood that still possesses an air of direction. Elegant serifs are paired with clean and minimal san-serifs for a fresh and contemporary feel, and are softened with gentle hand rendered scripts for approachability. Geometric shapes prevent the board from feeling in any way hippy, and the calming colour palette feels nurturing and restorative. The overall mood is serene, yet still focussed.  Isn't it lush?