Proud to present: An oh-so-stylish brand identity for The Dining Room PR

Meeting Hannah Blake at the start of her entrepreneurial journey was a complete and utter pleasure. Obsessed by the same things (food, horses, botanical prints), it was a match made in heaven and we all knew that nothing but good could come of it. 

After 16 years spent working in PR agencies, Hannah made the brave and ballsy move to launch her own agency. Specialising in PR for food producers, restaurants and lifestyle brands, this is a dream business for her where her passion for food and incredible restaurants meets her skills set in a wonderful melting pot of brilliance. When I met her, Hannah was already working with the incredible Scott Goss at The Beacon in Tunbridge Wells amongst several other impressive names.

Not only is Hannah almost geeky about food, but she's a true people-person and loves to work with fun and fearless people who put graft, pride and passion into their work. Hannah approached Ditto to create a beautiful shop window which would help her exude her brand values and welcome in the types of clients she most loves to work with. I'm delighted to be able to share her branding with you for The Dining Room PR.

The colours

The season personality for The Dining Room is grounded in Autumn, with Summer subordinates. We've created a warm and intense colour palette which is to die for: A beautifully rich olive green provides harmony and a sense of lush abundance; midnight blue provides a gorgeously deep base colour, adding a sense of trustworthiness, focus and logic. Raspberry adds energy, strength and warmth to the palette whilst slate grey is a chic alternative to black. A metallic copper brings an irresistible glint to the palette, providing the sparkle you’d expect of a high end brand without feeling showy. 

The brand board

The mood for this brand is warm, quirky and welcoming. The typography is a blend of rambling, organic hand lettering, characterful and traditional serifs, and condensed san serifs for a modern and more masculine feel. Imperfect, hand rendered shapes are grounded and feel substantial, whilst championing the sense of doing things your own way. Rich colours from the botanical prints (yes, we got two in there) create a beautifully elegant feel, and the contemporary san serif typography in the primary logo keeps things fresh.  The photography styling is bang on trend whilst not trying too hard – I love this and can't wait to see it play out in the web design which we're working on right now.

Meet Hannah over on twitter and keep your eyes peeled for her gorgeous new website which will launch soon!