Proud to Present: Branding and logo design for new care business, All About Home Care

David and Kieron from All About Home Care approached Ditto as they wanted to create a carefully considered brand identity to create the desired perception for their domicillary care business from day one. Having experienced first hand the challenges of finding suitable care for loved ones, they are fiercely passionate about creating a business that delivers on its promise: to help people live a rich, independent life for as long as possible. Their core belief is that the last stages of life should be no less enjoyable than the preceding years, and are working diligently to build a team of people who share their vision. All About Home Care needed to create a brand which is reassuring to families, and exudes a culture of trust, empathy, quality and expertise.

While they are starting up in Kent, David and Kieron have plans to expand in the future and wanted a brand that would suport their vision and help them grow.

The season personality

All About Home Care is a summer personality. Summer businesses are reassuring, caring and nurturing with a meticulous eye for detail. They are warm, welcoming and brimming with empathy. They’re efficient, logical and consummate professionals thanks to their fastidious attention to detail and precision. They drive for perfection, are incredibly supportive and have a strong sense of responsibility.

The colour palette

To create the right perception of the brand, we want to exude the quality, strength and desirability that one might associate with John Lewis. As such, the colour palette contains no brash or shouty colours; it is warm, reassuring and muted with a high end feel. This palette feels traditional and established, yet with a modern twist. Containing purple, blue, mink and slate grey, this palette is influenced by the calming tone of Farrow & Ball. This is a relaxed and refined palette that communicates trust, credibility and gravitas.

All About Home Care, branding and logo design by Ditto Creative, branding in Kent

The brand board

I love working with businesses who have such a clear idea of what they like, and David and Kieron were no exception! Having quickly signed off on the initial concepts, they brand board came together beautifully and was met with a very positive reaction! While the logo may look simple, it takes a great degree of confidence (not to mention an awful lot of time adressing the subtleties of balance and space in the design phase) to pull off a minimal logo well.

The secondary elements and shapes are what really give this brand its' personality, along with finding precisely the right images to reinforce the mood of the brand. The result is a brand which feels capable, safe and expert.

The elements in this identity are timeless and elegant, but certainly not dated. Distinctive serif typography is contrasted with clean, modern sanserifs. The designs are unfussy, ensuring a quiet strength. Colours are warm and muted, and the styling minimal and purposeful.

The new website for All About Home Care, which was designed by Ditto and built by our friends at What If Solutions, is now live- take a look!