Proud to Present: Branding for Kent based arborists, Greencut


The lovely chaps at Greencut approached Ditto with a familiar predicament. They've been trading for around 3 years, and their only hint towards a visual brand identity is their logo, with little else to help them communicate what they're about. They were feeling the frustrations of not knowing how to authentically tell the world why they're different, and their marketing lacked personality. They certainly fitted our client profile: ambitious, gutsy and ready for the next step!

Here's their story...

Greencut are a highly skilled Kent-based horticultural company, with a passion for arboriculture and an impressively ambitious streak. As a relatively young company, they’ve risen quickly through the ranks and have attained various accreditations that take others years to attain. Clients love their honesty, expertise and human approach, and they are gaining an enviable reputation locally. When I went to visit their immaculately presented wood-cabin offices, I could really feel the personality of the business, and this made it all the more obvious that something had to be done to capture that through their branding.

The addition of a new team member had really bought it home to Navin and his team that now was the time to kick things up a gear.

The one caveat to our work together was that their primary logo had to stay: their fleet of  vans and trucks have the current logo plastered over the side and changing that would require a major investment. The good news was that their logo was heading in the right direction, so this project was all about developing the brand to give it that character that it was missing.

I absolutely LOVE the new branding for Greencut. It feels modern, approachable and packed with character and personlity while still feeling very slick and grown up. In our presentation meeting, Marsha told me that the branding felt like it gave them permission to be bolder, more confident and more focussed, which is just about the best reaction we could get! The whole team were grinning from ear to ear during our presentation and it was wonderful to see the excitement that our work had evoked in them all.

What we've done here is prove just how important it is to have a suite of carefully considered, cohesive brand elements. It's undeniably evident that a logo alone simply isn't enough to create a marketable brand, and the difference in Greencut's attitude now that they have a seamless set of assets is testament to how important it is to get this right.

The next step for Greencut is to roll their killer brand identity out across their marketing material, which we're working on right now!