Proud to Present: Branding for Kent based start-up, Hiddleston Trade Marks

When Mark Hiddleston approached Ditto to have us create the brand identity for his new law firm, Hiddleston Trade Marks, the brief was simple: to create something memorable, approachable and different from his competitors.

Working with clients both within Kent and internationally, Mark is a leading expert in his field (seriously, his creds are uber impressive) and he has been recognised by a number of industry rankings. Clients love his common sense approach and the clarity with which he delivers his advice - a really valuable trait given the complex nature of trade mark law.

Hiddleston Trade Marks have two distinctly different audiences: Kent-based SME’s and larger corporate clients based across the UK and internationally. Appealing to the needs of both required careful thought and attention - we need to create a brand which looks suitably credible to attract bigger companies, yet approachable enough not to deter the SME market. Keen to shake off the perception that traditional law firms often create, Mark was very focussed on creating a brand which reflects his modern and flexible approach.

The brand we've created is certainly striking and modern! The colour palette was a brave choice (and not one I was totally sure Mark would be on board with!), but I'm so glad he went for it. The shapes on the brand board are confident, clean and strong. Slick shapes with plenty of space around them communicate strength and clarity; the bold patterns and distinctive typography tell the world that Mark means business, and the splashes of colour hint at the vibrancy of the company. We especially love the modern twist on a classic monogram (I do love a monogram!), which lends a sense of traditional values.

Rather than using stock photography for his website and marketing material, Mark very wisely booked a photo shoot with the amazing Paul Sanders. Paul did a fantastic job of capturing Mark and the team's personality, which really comes through in the images we've used on his website. Investing in a photo shoot brings such a brilliant level of sincerity to a website which you just can't achieve with stock photography, no matter how carefully you've chosen them. Mark's website launched yesterday - take a look here!