Proud to Present: Logo design, branding and web design for The Butterfly Rooms

Simone Crowley approached us to create the branding and web presence for her start-up business. The Butterfly Rooms is a counselling business based in Purfleet, Esseex, and provides a wide range of early intervention and therapeutic support to children, young people and families when they need it the most.

Their mission is to provide support which enables positive emotional change and growth and we aim to make counselling accessible to all without fear of judgement in a safe, non-judgemental and welcoming environment.

Simone wanted to create a positive, nurturing and approachable brand identity. We had two key audiences to appeal to: clients, and professionals (such as social workers, schools and GP’s) who will refer to you. This project has massive potential and deserves a brand identity which sets the business on a trajectory for significant growth and expansion. The Butterfly Rooms branding needed to be understated, unfussy and honest with a gentle sense of flow.

Season personality

The Butterfly Rooms is a predominantly Summer personality, with Autumn subordinates. Summer personalities are gentle, nurturing and calm. They tend to be measured, reassuring and intuitive. Summer personalities often have a graceful façade but are made of strong stuff and are often very resilient. They ae supportive, sensitive to the feelings of others and have a strong sense of responsibility.

On the Autumn side, there’s a warmth to the business which the brand would lack without the influence of Autumn. Substance, authenticity and integrity are hugely important characteristics of the Autumn personality – they are warm, friendly, down to earth and loyal people who make friends easily.

Whilst Summer provides the tranquility, harmony and flow that we were keen to communicate, the influence of Autumn keeps the brand feeling warm and approachable.

The Butterfly Rooms branding and logo design by Ditto Creative, branding agency Kent

The colour palette

The colour palette is warm, gentle and muted. A blend of nature-inspired shades create a reassuring and welcoming palette with a pop of colour to liven things up. And each of the colours does a different job; mossy green provides balance and harmony, faded cornflower is serene, gentle and reassuring, berry provides warmth and energy, stone provides substance and is a softer alternative to black and deep navy brings a sense of quality, credibility and trust.

The Butterfly Rooms branding and logo design by Ditto Creative, branding agency Kent
The Butterfly Rooms logo design and branding by Ditto Creative, branding agency Kent
The Butterfly Rooms logo design and brand design by Ditto Creative, branding agency Kent

The branding

Watercolour elements combine with hand drawn, nature-inspired illustrations and hand rendered modern brush scripts contrast with chunky serif fonts for approachability. We love the simplicity of the shapes on this board – they are all quietly confident, unfussy and understated.

The concept behind the logo design draws on the idea of the three rooms, with the butterfly shape coming through within those connected rooms. Keeping the squares softer by using rounded corners rather than harsh lines keeps the design feeling gentle and approachable.

Simone has told us she's 'over the moon' with her branding; we can't wait to see the business launch in the new year.