Proud to Present: nostalgic and characterful branding and website design for The Vintage Bus Company

The Vintage Bus Company is a brilliantly quirky business run by Go Coach, Kent's largest independent bus operator. The Vintage Bus Company own a fleet of immaculate heritage vehicles, all lovingly restored by owner Austin Blackburn to authentic condition. While being a bit of an anorak about vintage vehicles, Austin also owns Go Coach - Kent's largest independent bus operator. Go Coach carry hundreds of people every single day, which make them an ideal company to be trusted with the all-important task of getting a bridal party to church on time.

The Vintage Bus Company really began with one London Route Master that Austin had bought and restored. Before he knew it, one Route Master became two, and shortly after he'd added a black London Fairway cab and traditional Maltese bus to their collection, too. With these beautiful vehicles at their disposal, setting up a separate brand to hire them out for weddings, events and parties was a natural and obvious progression.

The guys at Go Coach quite rightly recognised that the weddings and parties market would behave quite differently to the industry they're used to - we needed to create a brand which accurately reflected the quality of the service that they provide and communicated the beauty and personality of their vehicles. 

here’s a huge commercial opportunity in hiring the buses out for weddings; the UK wedding market is worth £10 billion per year, and it’s insane what couples will spend to achieve the look that they’ve dreamt of for their big day. The Vintage Bus Company was created to package up the experience that Austin and his team set out to create and developing a marketable brand that brides and party goers would love.

The brand identity and website we created for The Vintage Bus Company is just beautiful: packed with character, colour and personality. This branding stands them head and shoulders above their competitors and really shows off what they do best: helping people to celebrate in style. And with gorgeous hand illustrations by Derek and Dan's signature distinctive typography, this project suited us down to the ground. Hope you love it! See the full site in all its glory - click here.