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Proud to Present: a beautifully feminine brand identity for iconic beauty product, NuNale

The best thing about what we do is the diversity of the businesses that we work with. It keeps us on our toes, means we're always learning and makes things very interesting. And whether we're designing brands for hard working solopreneurs or bigger, established business, the challenge is always different!

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Proud to Present: a restful, dreamy brand for The Baby Sleep Shop

There is nothing more inspirational than a working mama. When Jenni Shipp approached us to create the brand identity for her new business, she was not only looking after two smalls but had a full time job AND was planning her wedding. And I thought i was busy... her meticulous and efficient approach put me to utter shame!

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Bringing a brand to life: The Peacock Rooms, Sevenoaks

The absolute thrill of seeing a brand we've created come to life never gets old. And so I was giddy with excitement to see how Sarah Rumsey of The Peacock Rooms, a new Aveda salon in Sevenoaks, has bought her gorgeous branding to life.

With thoughtful touches, beautiful styling and some wonderfully whimsical features (we love the Peacock, hand made by Big Bird, Little Bird), the salon is just stunning. We popped over yesterday for a quick tour and I know you're going to want to see this...

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