The Power of a Brand: podcast with Jewellers Academy


If there's one thing I LOVE to talk about, it's the impact that a powerful brand can have on your business. So when the fabulous Jessica Rose at Jewellers Academy asked if I'd join her to chat branding on her podcast, I jumped at the chance!

We worked with Jess earlier this year (you may remember the story of her rebrand, which you can read about right here), so she knows first hand precisely what a cohesive brand can do for a business. The Jewellers Academy blog is a fantastic resource bursting with tips for aspiring jewellery entrepreneurs, but so much of the topics she covers are transferrable to other businesses that I'd highly recommend checking it out even if you're not in the jewellery industry. 

In the podcast we talk about the fundamentals of a brand, things to consider before you start out and some of my personal tips for making your brand exceptional. Enjoy!