When the going gets tough...


Funny times right now, aren't they? I'm not a fan of the uncertainty, and the impact that has on business. I’m convinced it’s fear of the unknown that’s the greatest threat to our businesses.

Fear in business is a funny thing. The right amount can spur you to take bold moves and push a little further than you might ordinarily be comfortable to; too much and we’re inclined to batten down the hatches and hope it all just goes away.

No matter what happens in the wider political and economic landscape, one thing is constant - and that’s the independence you have as a business owner. Whether you choose to take this time to grow or shrink is up to you, but it’s your decision. And times like this have a funny sort of impact on businesses. The strong ones often become stronger, and the weaker ones. well, sometimes they don’t live to tell the tale.

There’ll be those who choose to play it safe, and those who see this as their moment to gain ground and to grow. Because there will be those who lose their nerve amidst the chaos - which means that now is a better time than any other to summon up your strength and push on.

It will become more competitive out there; that’s almost certain. Make sure your business is fully armed and ready - now’s the time to show the world you’re here to stay. Exhibit at that event, take that course, commit to that new website you’ve been promising yourself. Sharpen your edge and put your business in a position of strength, and you’ll be ready for whatever comes next.

Elevate, shine and be the best that you're capable of being, and you'll find there's very little to fear.