Woop! A new website for Ditto

Ditto Creative design and branding agency Kent website design

Given that we spend most of our lives making everyone else's businesses look excellent, it's slightly shameful (if not unsurprising) that our own work falls to the bottom of the list.

Not any more!

I'm a tad embarrassed to say that our website redesign has been lurking in the background since January (yes, I know - over 6 months ago) and whilst the reason behind us not doing it has been because we simply had too much work on, it was high time that we got this sorted.

If you follow us on twitter or instagram you'll probably have noticed a slight change in the air this year - our work is bolder, more confident than ever before and if I do say so myself - simply the best work we've ever produced. And yet rather than proudly pinging off the screen on our home page, our best work has been sitting quietly on our blog. Rather than shouting from the rooftops, it's lurking in the corner... madness!

I'm ridiculously proud of our new website and so pleased with how well it showcases our work. And it does everything that you want in a website - it play to our strengths, shows off what we do and speaks the language of our people.

Ah yes - language.

I'm brilliant at nagging my clients to be braver, bolder and more authentic in the words that they choose to use... but I'm not so good at taking my own advice. 

Asking some of our latest clients for testimonials to use on the new site threw light on what really matters to them about how we do things - and the language they used is a mirror reflection of the way I would speak to them naturally. So why do we all seem to have a tendency to revert back to comfort zones and write web copy as if we're humourless business drones? We've plucked up the courage to be more ballsy, more brave and more us on the new site.

The new website feels like both a step up and like coming home simultaneously - it's given us permission to be more confident whilst also feeling like we've found our groove. Bliss.

Take a good look around and let me know what you think! Enjoy :-)