Your vibe attracts your tribe

You know that feeling when you meet a new customer and you just.... click? You know straight away that you're both on the same wavelength; you both get it and you just know that you're going to have a great time working together.

Wouldn't it be just peachy if every client was one of those?

It's true what they say - your vibe attracts your tribe. Send out the right message, and they will come. Let me show you how...

Know why your customers love you

This can be such a tricky one to answer! And my guess is that you probably don't know exactly why it is that your clients choose to put business your way, so ask them. A frank and honest conversation about what drew them to you will do wonders for a boost of clarity on what actually made their decision for them, and what it is about the way you do things that they truly dig.

Suss out the competition

Who are your competitors? And what do they do differently to you? This isn;t about picking holes in them - and nor is it about unhealthy comparisons - but about taking an honest and objective view of how they behave, the language they use and identifying the ways in which you're different. Perhaps they're bold and brash whilst you take a more gentle approach? Maybe the competition are middle of the road whilst you're edgy and unusual? Chances are that your customers come to you for exactly that reason.

Be confident about doing things your way

Most of us, at some point in our careers, have given in to the belief that we ought to conform to industry ideals about how we should behave, how we should dress, how we should speak, in order to be taken seriously. I know I have! I believe that when it comes to branding, conformity is a death knell. All it does is water down any discernible character and personlity, which serves only to create a muddy sea of samey businesses that your customer will struggle to choose from as there's no differentiation. Do things your way.

Visualise your ideal client

What kind of people do you do your best work with? I always ask new clients this, and they often struggle to answer - or when they do, they start telling me about demographics. Sure, knowing that you're aiming to work with people who have an income of X, who live in Y and who have Z kind of job can be useful... but it's a bit dry, isn't it? I prefer to think of my ideal clients in terms of the values and attitudes that we share. It's a total gamechanger; when you understand what truly makes your ideal client tick, you can speak to them in a very meaningful way. Perhaps you're selling an artisan ice cream (I've no idea why ice cream popped into my head, but let's go with it...), and you've identified that the people who are prepared to pay a premium for your product are those who can't resist the story behind a product. Brilliant! Tell them all about the farms where the cows live; paint a picture of how the recipe was developed and the stories of the people who make the ice cream. Maybe you're a destination wedding photographer who loves nothing more than to travel to far flung locations, whose customers share a passion fr adventure? Wonderful - talk to them about your latest discovery. Share your passion with them! They'll love you for it.

Just be you.

There's space for everyone out there. The biggest trick is to be different, and to be relevant to your customers' world. I know you can do it. Go on - be brave, and be fabulous.

Fancy a more in-depth session to figure out who your people are, and how to attract them? I'm now taking bookings for one to one consultancy sessions to help you do just that.