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On the importance of sharing your brand beliefs

When you share what you believe, you bring your mission to life. You create something relateable, engaging and meaningful. When brands share what they believe, and when we believe the same thing, we feel an affinity to them that money can't buy. We feel a connection that outweighs the impact of any clever marketing campaign, because it hits our hearts rather than our heads. This feeling of emotional connection is controlled by the limbic system, the part of our brain that is responsible for controlling emotions, memories and arousal. 

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Behind the scenes at Tribe hair salon, Chislehurst

Billy from Tribe has just sent me some absolutely stunning photos by the ever-talented Marianne Chua of their Chislehurst salon. I feel like a proud mama! The salon looks incredible, with the brand elements we created bought to life so perfectly. I couldn't resist sharing them with you... I hope you love them as much as we do.

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Proud to Present: An elegant and gorgous brand for fashion stylist, Miranda Holder

Miranda Holder is a non-stop, beyond-energetic, steam train of a person! The girl just don't stop. Every inch the glamazon that you'd expect, and the owner of a hootingly brilliant laugh, I adore Miranda. She's brilliantly funny, incomprehensibly stylish and bang on trend, every single time. Which is just as well - she's a high end personal stylist who means business.

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