A blend of strategic thought and exceptional design


We exist to inspire and empower business owners

You know you’re capable of big things. You’re ambitious, hard working and you pour your heart and soul into what you do. You know there's huge potential within your business, and would like the expertise and objectivity of a team who will work alongside you to bring out the very best of your business and make it shine.

Our process balances  business strategy, colour psychology and brand design, with the people who most love your business at the forefront of our minds throughout the process. We deliver brand identities that make real impact, putting a face to your business that everyone can believe in. It’s about aligning your brand design to your values, vision and ethos, understanding the intricacies of what you do and capturing that through a visual identity that enables you to sell with ease and integrity.

Our role is to help you build confidence in your brand, attract serious clients and create a visual identity that fills you with pride, opening the doors to fresh opportunities.

You have been such a key part in our business growing, and I can’t thank you enough for that
— Martha Keith, founder of Martha Brook

Create a brand that celebrates your value


1/ Define your brilliance

So many people struggle to express their own brilliance. Either they can’t see their own value, or they can’t find the right words – or both. During our briefing session, we’ll help you discover and articulate the magic of your brand, delivering a written brand story that forms the springboard for the rest of our work together. This is an inspiring session that'll open the doors to a world of new possibilities!


2/ Creative vision

We use a process called colour psychology; a wonderful framework that enables us to very quickly get to the heart of the visual style that's right for your business. Directed by your brand personality, we’ll craft a mood board that's designed to capture the essence of your brand and provide you with a sense of how it will look and feel. Along with your mood board, we’ll create your colour palette and most excitingly, present your initial logo concepts to you.

Watching the creative design process unfold was a thrill as the brand came to life.
— Hannah Blake, The Dining Room PR

3/ Build your brand

Brand identities created by Ditto are carefully crafted, with proper thought and substance behind every element. From your primary logo and typography to supporting icons, illustrations, pattern and texture, we build cohesive brand identities that have a clear purpose and have been thoughtfully designed to create the right impact. Your new brand will be presented within a 30 page brand guide that maps out every last detail with clear guidance on the role and purpose of everything we’ve created.


4/ Release into the wild!

What’s next? Web design? Packaging? Brochures? Social media templates? Perhaps you’d like our help to plan the launch of your brand? We’re here for the launch and beyond to help you make the very most from the opportunity that crafting an intentional brand presents.

Ditto have it all and deliver it with elegance and a passion that makes you realise this is an endeavour that they are committed to with a real dedication and talent. Time spent in their company is both enjoyable and enlightening and certainly not an engagement you will regret.
— Philip Berryman